Prior to deciding to go with Dr. Beck, I had visited two other periodontists. Both had warned me of a long recovery time and potentially a lot of pain. The thought of a lengthy and painful recovery kept me from getting the procedure done until my regular dentist had to repeatedly repair a filling that kept falling off as there was little gum there to keep it in place. I couldn’t put it off any longer.

My dentist strongly recommended Dr. Beck. Facing no alternative to gum graft, I went to see her. There was no talk of a long recovery time nor extreme pain. Instead, she went over the procedure with me and told me that her patients didn’t usually have those complications. Her gentle yet confident demeanor really calmed me and won me over. Her staff was also very helpful and thorough in explaining all aspects of the operation. I decided to go forward with the operation… and the result was amazing. Not only did I not have any serious pain or swelling of any kind, I felt almost as if I had never had an operation. It could not have gotten better.

I hope my experience can help relieve some of your concerns if you are considering having a gum graft operation. I can’t promise, but I think you’ll have a really good chance of having a fantastic experience with Dr. Beck. She is the best.