First off. I am a veteran to dental offices (Just this last year, I underwent a slew of dental procedures that convinced me that I should quit chocolate covered gummy bears once and for all)…so I feel fully qualified to make the assessment that Dr. Beck is a badass.

Here’s why you would come see her:

1. She sure knows her craft – periodontists usually deal with some of the worst gum situations. And Dr. Beck clearly and confidently demonstrates her capabilities and experience and does not sugarcoat during her consultations. She meticulously spent more than an hour in total with my friend to explain everything from basic biology to the basic repercussions that her condition would have down the line.
2. She built this office from the ground up, and runs it like an well-oiled machine – if there is any one person in this entire office who knows it like the back of her hand, it’s Dr. Beck! Just during the two visits that I’ve seen her, I’ve seen her mentoring her dental assistants on using the fancy comp programs, even providing her front desk assistants with the wifi password.
3. All things considered, I have great respect for any professional and leader who brings top notch bedside manner while and so much passion in everything that they do…and Dr. Beck exhibits all of these qualities. Having periodontal diseases are some of the most frightful conditions as it pertains to the teeth, and you will find no better help than Dr. Beck in this arena.