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Patient 1

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This patient experienced trauma to her front teeth as a child, and 30 years later began to experience root resorption of her front tooth and it required removal. While discussing a plan to replace the front tooth, she shared that she had never been happy with the yellow appearance of her other front teeth, so she decided to have veneers placed by a restorative dentist to match the new crown that would be made for her dental implant. She now has the smile she always wished for.

Before and After Dental Implants 12.1

Patient 12

This patient had an implant placed in Mexico to minimize her treatment cost but was very displeased with her results. The surgeon tried to surgically correct the uneven gum line without success. The patient met with several dentists and surgeons who all told her that nothing could be done and what she had was as good as it could be. Then she found Dr. Beck. Working with a local prosthodontist, Dr. Beck was able to correct the uneven gum line with a connective tissue graft and the prosthodontist created some new crowns. The patient could not be happier with the final result.

This patient was unhappy with the appearance of his smile, but also had difficulty chewing and eating due to his missing back teeth and uneven bite. He had been told that all his teeth needed removed and dentures were his only solution until he met Dr. Beck. Dr. Beck developed a plan including orthodontics, dental implants, and periodontal therapy to correct his bite, straighten his teeth, level the gum line, and replace the missing teeth. Although treatment took almost 3 years, he couldn’t be happier to have been able to keep his teeth and can now eat whatever he wants.

This patient had severe periodontitis, missing teeth, and a few teeth that needed removed and replaced due to the severe bone loss. 2 teeth were removed and a total of 3 dental implants were placed, connective tissue grafting un the upper and lower front teeth to level the gum line, and crowns were placed on the upper front teeth. She could not be happier with the results and has referred many friends and family to Dr. Beck.

This patient had lost his lower back teeth many years ago and was becoming unhappy with the fit of his partial denture and desired dental implants to provide better retention and stability for his artificial teeth. He had been told that he did not have enough bone in the lower back jaw for dental implants and needed to have his remaining teeth removed in order to place implants. When he met with Dr. Beck, he was happy to hear that the was an option to keep his remaining teeth and place 5 dental implants to restore his bite. He also would no longer need to wear any artificial teeth. The dental implants and bone grafting was done in a single visit and just 4 short months later he had new lower molars to enjoy some chips and salsa (which he had been longing to eat for decades!)

This patient was not happy with result. Multiple dentists told her that nothing more could be done to improve the esthetics (length of tooth and big gap). Dr. Beck disagreed. Dr. Beck did a cosmetic surgical procedure and worked with a prosthodontist to get a much improved result that the patient is very happy with.

This patient began treatment with another dentist who removed an old failing bridge then an oral surgeon placed 7 implants, however when the dentist tried to restore them, 3 were failing and the other 4 were in terrible positions. Then the patient was referred to me for help. I had to remove all 7 implants and graft bone everywhere.9 months and 3 new implants later, she has finally completed all her treatment just in time for her daughter's wedding. She couldn't be happier with the outcome. This is a good example of how I'm different from other surgeons. I plan things out from the beginning and work with colleagues who share my dedication for high quality care to deliver the best outcome possible for our patients.