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Surgical Assistant/Marketing Director

The Surgical Assistant/Marketing Director position has two distinct roles as a Surgical Assistant when required for patient care, and as Marketing Director when not required for patient care. As Marketing Director, the overall responsibility is to maintain and grow relationships with referring offices to continually improve referral relations, influx of new patients, and quality of referrals.  Constant tracking of referral sources for new patients and developing outreach programs based on these trends is a key element of this position. 

As Surgical Assistant, it is required to work cohesively with all office personnel, particularly the Lead Surgical Assistant on clinically-related tasks to ensure seamless delivery of patient care to meet daily production goals. This includes preparing for treatment delivery, maintenance of patient records, back-office organization, sterilization, overall maintenance of equipment. All team members must also work cohesively and efficiently with other employees to attain practice goals.

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