Tooth Extractions

Several dental conditions may require the extraction (removal) of one or more teeth. Whether due to decay, trauma, or infection, a tooth extraction can bring immediate and needed pain relief! In the unfortunate event that you may require a tooth extraction, you can trust us to provide you with an honest consultation, confirm your diagnosis, discuss all of your tooth replacement options and answer all of your questions. You’ll learn why the procedure is recommended, what it will entail and what will be done following the procedure to help you maintain a healthy, happy smile! Dr. Beck will also talk with you about our sedation options, because your comfort is very important to us.

Tooth Extraction in San Diego, CA

We know that you have many options when considering tooth extraction in San Diego. As a board certified periodontist, Dr. Beck specializes in performing minimally traumatic tooth extraction, using advanced techniques which preserve the natural contour of your jaw bone and overlying gum tissue, allowing you a swift and virtually painless recovery.

To schedule a tooth extraction consultation with Dr. Beck, contact our San Diego office at (858) 924-0191