While your smile is one of the first things that people notice about you, some Rancho Santa Fe residents aren’t as confident as they could be about their pearly whites. Whether they are unhappy with tooth sizes, position, or spacing, have cracked teeth, or missing teeth due to tooth decay, gum disease, or an accident or injury, we can help!  Some people desire dental implants to replace missing teeth so their smile can reflect how great they feel emotionally. Dental implants are the most natural option to replace missing teeth.

The 411 on Dental Implants

Rancho Santa Fe dental implant patients are very savvy, and therefore want to know the ins and outs of this tooth replacement solution before committing to treatment. After all, when it comes to repairing your smile, you want the best of the best, right? Well, that’s exactly what dental implants offer.

First, as a Rancho Santa Fe candidate for dental implants, you should know that dental implants are often the healthiest option for your oral health. This is because natural tooth roots do more than just hold your tooth in place. They actually stimulate your jawbone to keep it strong and healthy. When teeth are missing, the jawbone weakens and breaks down, often immediately after the tooth is removed. The jawbone and overlaying gum tissue shrinks, which can cause neighboring and opposing teeth to shift and move, destabilizing the bite, sometimes leading to irreversible damage to other remaining teeth.

Replacement of missing teeth with dental implants can prevent all this. A dental implant is a small titanium screw that replaces the root of a tooth to support a crown, just like crowns on natural teeth. When you chew, the implant stimulates the supporting jawbone keeping it strong and healthy.

Second, as a Rancho Santa Fe resident considering dental implants, you should know they are the best tooth replacement option available. Better than dentures, which are bulky and need to be taken out daily, dental implants stay permanently in your mouth while you chew and savor your favorite food, without the fear of them becoming dislodged. Dental implants are also often more ideal than permanently cemented bridges, which require your adjacent teeth to be drilled down and capped. Unlike bridges, dental implants are also as easy to brush and floss as natural teeth.

Finally, dental implants provide the most aesthetic tooth replacement option currently available to Rancho Santa Fe patients. When you choose to have dental implants placed by Dr. Beck, nobody you meet will know that you have false teeth; they’ll only notice your beautiful smile! Best of all, with a special type of dental implants procedure, sometimes referred to as “All on 4” or “teeth in a day”, you can have a total smile makeover utilizing dental implants if you require replacement of all your teeth.

How Dr. Beck Places Dental Implants

When considering dental implants, it is critical that you choose a surgeon like Dr. Beck who specializes in dental implant procedures. Unfortunately, not every dentist who claims to be able to perform dental implant placement truly understands the overall science and biology of implant-related procedures. When performed by poorly skilled dentists often don’t understand how to properly plan and perform the procedure, or when cheap, substandard materials are used, devastating complications can occur.  As an expert in the field, Dr. Beck not only completed three years of rigorous training from one of the most respected surgical training programs, she also regularly participates in conferences and seminars taught by experts around the world.  Dr. Beck is well versed in a multitude of surgical techniques and utilizes only the best and safest materials and products. In fact, when patients have complications with their implants and the original dentist or surgeon is unable fix it properly, they trust Dr. Beck to correct it!

Dr. Beck and her team understand that every Rancho Santa Fe patient is different, and therefore every treatment plan is custom designed with to your unique needs. When a tooth requires removal and replacement, a common scenario is as follows:

  • First, a 3-dimensional dental cone beam CT scan is taken to evaluate your unique situation including the extent of infection, if present, as well as the proximity of any important structures like nerve or blood vessels. This step is critical to minimize complications and properly plan your case
  • In some cases, bone augmentation (grafting) may be required either at the time of, or prior to, implant placement procedure. This can usually be determined at the time of your consultation by carefully examining the CT scan.
  • After a thorough evaluation, Dr. Beck will discuss all your options and walk you through the entire process, taking care to answer all your questions.
  • Finally, as with any procedure, Dr. Beck offers a variety of sedation options to ensure your optimal comfort.

Dr. Beck is not only highly knowledgeable and respected by her peers as an expert when it comes to dental implants, she also takes great pride to provide the best care possible for all her patients.  You can rest assured that you are making the right decision in trusting Dr. Beck and her team with your treatment.

If you think that you may benefits from dental implants, call Dr. Beck’s San Diego office today at (858) 635-6700 to schedule a consultation.