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Gum Recession san diegoWhile many patients focus on preventing cavities, there is an even greater and more silent threat to their oral health: gum recession. San Diego patients often come to our offices assuming their tooth sensitivity and pain is caused by a cavity only to find out it’s because of receding gums. If you’ve started to notice that your teeth look “longer” or if you have sensitivity to cold and hot drinks, it could be because your gums have started to recede. In this blog post, we’re going to look at some of the causes of gum recession and what the dangers are of this condition. If you’re ready to end the tooth sensitivity and get a more attractive and confident smile, call Dr. Beck today at (858) 635-6700. In the meantime, take a look through our gallery of Before-and-After pictures to see the beautiful and natural-looking results that our patients love.

What Happens to Untreated Gum Recession

San Diego patients often assume that gum recession isn’t a big deal since there isn’t any apparent infection and it often does not even produce any pain. However, gum recession can wreak havoc on your oral health. Here’s how.

  • No protection – Enamel is the hardest substance your body can make. It covers the very caps of your teeth so we can enjoy all kinds of hard and sticky foods. It also protects against cavities. But deep below the surface of the gums, the roots of your teeth are not protected by enamel. When the roots are exposed, decay can happen very quickly and cause the need for costly and painful procedures like root canals.
  • Sensitivity – We already mentioned sensitivity to hot and cold foods. This is caused by the exposure of the nerve endings in the root.
  • Long teeth – When more of your teeth are exposed they start to appear longer. This can give you a very “toothy” smile and can also cause gaps between your teeth.  The longer the recession is allowed to progress untreated, the more cosmetic compromise it can cause.
  • Gum disease – Gum disease (periodontal disease) is one of the most dangerous causes of gum recession. Some San Diego patients that suffer from recession are actually seeing the effects of bone damage caused by chronically inflamed and infected gum and bone.  Left untreated, this can lead to tooth loss.

How to Get Started with Dr. Beck

Whether it’s replacement of missing teeth with dental implants, cosmetic gum recontouring, or treatment for gum recession, San Diego patients love the experience they have with Dr. Beck. Just read a few of the rave reviews our patients have left on our review page. Not only is Dr. Beck one of the most “in-demand” periodontists in the state, but she is also one of the most respected by her peers.  She specializes in multiple different techniques to reverse gum recession, including the revolutionary and painless procedure called Pinhole surgery.

The first step is to contact our San Diego offices at (858) 635-6700. When you call, you’ll always be greeted by one of our friendly and highly-trained staff. Getting calls from new patients is something we look forward to. We love answering your questions and talking with you about your concerns. The next step is to get you into our modern and cozy office for an in-person meeting with Dr. Beck. During this meeting, you’ll get to talk with Dr. Beck about any dental concerns you may have. She’ll perform a thorough examination, which may include some x-rays to learn more about the structure of your teeth, identify any other potential problem areas, and answer any questions you may have. Already seen another dentist or periodontist about your receding gums but still unsure about getting treatment? We are happy to provide a no-obligation second opinion.  We may have alternative options to what you’ve already been told. 

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