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Close Up of Old Man with Missing and Chipped TeethA tooth extraction is a type of oral surgery that will become necessary for some San Diego residents over the course of their lifetime. There are many reasons why one may require this type of oral surgery. Below is a discussion of 7 of the most common reasons why a tooth may require extraction that periodontist Dr. Tina Beck encounters in her practice.

  • Severe Periodontal Disease

Gum disease is nothing to mess around with. It may be a common term you hear on toothpaste and mouthwash commercials, but San Diego residents should know that gum disease can lead to serious problems. In its most sever form, periodontal disease often leads to sufferers having teeth that are so loose due to severe bone loss, that they are no longer functional. In this case, a tooth extraction of the affected tooth or teeth is needed to eliminate pain or infection, and allow the afflicted to chew comfortably again.

  • Excesive Tooth Decay

We all know that tooth decay is bad, causing large holes or even fractures in afflicted teeth, and often lead to needing crowns and/or root canals. But did you know that for some San Diego residents, teeth are so decayed that they are no longer salvageable? If you have a tooth that is severely decayed, then a tooth extraction may be your only option for relief from the pain or eliminating a potentially life-treating infection. 

  • Trauma

Many San Diego residents have taken great care of their teeth and have beautiful, healthy smiles. But sometimes, a traumatic accident like a car wreck or sporting mishap can have devastating consequences. If broken tooth or teeth are not repairable, tooth extraction may be needed.

  • Fractured Tooth

Teeth can break for many reasons. A common type of fracture called a “Vertical Root Fracture” is when a small crack in the top of the tooth propagates down through the root. In most cases, the initial crack is not painful and there are no signs of its existence. Eventually, with daily use of the tooth during chewing (and maybe even grinding), the microscopic crack grows, like a cracked windshield, slowly deteriorating the gum and bone attachment and eventually causing a small abscess. If you are lucky, the tooth may sensitive to hot and/or cold when the crack is still in its early phases and a full coverage crown can prevent or slow further propagation. But Most People only become aware of the fracture when its already unrepairable and requires removal.

  • Orthodontics

Sometimes, teeth just aren’t positioned where they should be and in order to straighten them back into proper alignment, a tooth may need to be removed.

  • Full Arch Replacement

Unfortunately, Teeth haven’t evolved to last as long as they’re human hosts. With modern medicine people can live over 100 years, but our archaic choppers just haven’t kept up and often crack, decay, or otherwise fail us. In severe cases, there may be so many broken or decayed Teeth that only option is remove them all and replace them with dental implants and artificial teeth.

  • You Have an Infected Tooth

It’s not a secret that infected teeth can cause severe pain. If you are experiencing tooth or mouth pain and suspect a tooth infection, tooth extraction can be a godsend, and Dr. Beck may be your celestial hero.

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